YOGA’s Facts and Myths

Yoga is not physical exercises
Yoga is not merely difficult posture
Yoga is not confined to attire
Yoga is not renunciation of worldly life
Yoga is not inactivity
Yoga is not torturing oneself
Yoga is not magic
Yoga is not an exhibition
Yoga is not a competition
Yoga is not mysticism
Yoga is not one’s inherited domain

Yoga (in Sanskrit) means, to connect with the Divine.




Introduction to Chanting Yoga 10′
Fascia BowSpring Yoga style ) 40′
Benefits of Yoga and  Mantra Meditation 10′
Contemporary vibrational enhancing techniques 15′

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This method assists in the speedy removal of stress,
so you may enhance your assimilation of all the practices many fold.

The benefits are:
• Physiological
• Mental
• Physical
• Spiritual

1. Physically, from working with your  Fascia (BowSpring Yoga style) and breathing exercises.
2. Mentally and Psychologically, from the ‘Vibrational Medicine’ in the form of ‘Mantra Meditation’, which calms the mind and assists your alignment with the Divine.
3. Spiritually, from hearing sacred mantras that open pathways to transcendence.

Teacher: Ana Lucia Alves


Private only (1h15mins class)

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Who, Where, When and How?

*Yoga is recommended for everyone.
*One must have patience with oneself and faith in the Guru (teacher).
*One can start yoga and meditation at any time in their life.
*As yoga and meditation facilitates the controlling of kama (lust),
lobha (greed), moha (attachment) and the indriyas (senses),
one should have a good level of motivation and sincerity.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the yogic technique that enables us to experience “self”.
Experience of the self is the first stage, followed by the second stage,
complete visualization and transcendence.

During these stages one can experience:
Emergence of consciousness
Enlargement of consciousness
Merging of consciousness with cosmic consciousness.

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